About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Kasese Community Health and Education Foundation (KCHEF)

Kasese, Uganda is a community of extreme poverty and extraordinary resilience. Yet it holds a promise for a different future in local leadership who believe in and meet high standards for transparency and competence in health and education services.

KCHEF (formerly the Bishop Masereka Christian Foundation) is a collaboration of Ugandans and U.S. supporters to support development and self-sufficiency through health care for women and infants and education for children. Focused on Kasese and the Rwenzori district of southwestern Uganda,

As a locally-led organization, KCHEF represents the single most effective way to empower a community in a region severely impacted by conflict, disease, and extreme poverty.

With these core transformations well begun and continuing, the mission of KCHEF remains robust as it serves the community of Kasese:

  • The Education Program provides critically needed education to more than 450 vulnerable children in primary and secondary school as well as vocational and university education.
  • The clinic meets the daily medical needs of at least 100 patients a day, most of them women and children.
  • The clinic staff manages community outreach programs to deliver public health services to outlying communities including childhood vaccinations, male circumcision and pre-natal care.

The steadfast delivery of excellent health and education services to the people of the region fuels our optimism for and commitment to the mission in Kasese. Now is the time to recommit and re-invest in its work to save lives through health and education.


Non-Profit Status

The Kasese Community Health and Education Foundation, a non-governmental agency, partners with the U.S. organization – Community Health and Education for Rural Africa (CHERA). CHERA is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation in the state of New York. Both organizations are committed to supporting an enlightened, healthy and self-sustaining region, to becoming a center of excellence for the provision of maternal and child health services, and to provide holistic support to students without other means of support. KCHEF and CHERA are committed to the principles of accountability, professionalism, honesty, care, respect for every person, trust, non-discrimination, and strategic partnerships.