The KCHEF Education Program


The Rwenzori Region is home to 15,000 to 20,000 orphans, many living in families headed by siblings in their early teens, and other vulnerable children. Supporting and guiding these young people until they are self-sufficient and able join the community as contributing adults is essential for the future of the region.

KCHEF’s holistic approach to funding the education program secures not only committed donors for education fees, but also oversees children’s health care, home life, and social development by our own leadership and staff.


More than 560 children are now enrolled in our education program, 54% are girls, 46% boys. More than 100 KCHEF students have graduated in different disciplines from universities in Uganda. Several have returned to KCHEF as medical professionals and other staff members. The current cost for annual support of an individual child, including fees, books, clothing, health care, and the staff of two to oversee the program is $500.

Does Your Donation Have a Lasting Impact?

Yes, according to a recent study reported in the Stanford Social Innovation Review:

  • Adults who had received charitable sponsorship as children are one-third more likely to finish high school,
  • Are more likely to complete more than a year of additional education,
  • Are 35% more likely to have a professional job.

KCHEF follows a holistic model in which donations enable coordinated health care, emotional, and social support, as well as school fees to children.


Donors Become Members of the KCHEF Family


When you make a donation to the education program, KCHEF partners with you to enable a child to stay safe, healthy, and in school.To learn more about KCHEF’s education program and how to become a donor, contact Community Health and Education for Rural Africa inc. (CHERA) Chair Jim Ellison: